Andrei Ciubotaru, "My Contemporary" (object-installation), Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2006

Ziua, 2 Dec. 2006

Iolanda Malamen

Andrei Ciubotaru and His «Contemporary»

It is an initiative issued out of human participation in the pulse of society, in the seclusion and waste that dominate 21st-century man like a perpetual threatening. Andrei Ciubotaru's My Contemporary stands for a defeated human being, for an accomplice to the vulgarity and brutality of a world that amputates their emotions. [...]

The artist tells everything in one breath; he thinks very clearly his "ensemble," he gives up any stylistic futilities, inscribing it in a grave, gregarious and somehow sacrified human geometry. This austere and distinct "ensemble" is strong enough to define itself as a simple and in the same time painful truth.