Group exhibition, "Urban Quarantine" (performance), Lipscani Area, Bucharest, Romania, 2003

Revista de arhitectură A & B, Nov. 2003

Place Performance – Performing Places

Place Performance – Performing Places - Revista de arhitectură A & B, Nov. 2003

Matei (at the telephone): "The area looks plain, it is in bad condition. We have simulated an urban quarantine in order to make people aware of its negative symbolic value. We closed all the gates and placed inside watchmen dressed in yellow overalls; they filtered the passers-by, informing them by means of flyers.

Lipscani Street is city's main invalid. Suddenly, we go out of the quarantine area at Café Amsterdam. The process of healing can start from the health spot created by the café and CIAC, its counterpart.

There is a long way to a genuine European center, but the monitor cylinder shows us how it could look like."

Matei Georgescu (architect), Mihai Croitoru (architect), Andrei Ciubotaru (visual artist, performer), Suzana Dan (visual artist)