Pâlnia /The Funnel/ and Hibrid /Hybrid/ Groups, "Versus" (installations), Apollo and Artis Galleries, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Observator cultural, 2005

Maria-Magdalena Crişan

Visual Arts

Visual Arts - Observator cultural, 2005

Hibrid /Hybrid/, Salmastru /Salty/, Pâlnia /The Funnel/, Sursa /The Source/ are the names of a couple of groups of young fine artists who have participated in different public cultural manifestations, while preserving, each of them, their creative independence. Generally speaking, their experiments deal with installations: performance, photography, film, ambient sculpture. As group identity, their proposals are to be found in the actions they organize together and in their theoretical programs. Beside the obvious assertion regarding the freedom of individual expression, the programs become the support of all affirmation and communication among the group members.

We are in the ludic area of an artistic experience which does not diminish the area of research. Artists' fight with convention, with the redundant image of the world they live in, encourages them to step "aside." The humour, often the grave, responsible attitude lead them to imprevisible solutions.