Group exhibition, "Self portrait" (installations), Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania, 2000

Observator cultural, 2000

Aurelia Mocanu

Three-wire Cable

Three-wire Cable - Observator cultural, 2000

The care for scenography of exposition, i.e. the alphabetization based on a handbook of "installationism," is commendable. The project of artistic dialogue seems strict: the artists [of the group] observe their white-to-black scale and mould technique. The hard nucleus of this selfinterrogatory exhibition is represented by the common feature of the faces' naturalistic moulds. Each panel shows distinct approaches giving birth to uncomfortable empatic effects: scratching, ecroche, notching, crushing, layer dipping, contrasting hues. The text-program written by Ştefan Tiron states that all these exercises are meant to explore the inside in view of its externalization.