Andrei Ciubotaru, "Shapes" (painting), Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Observator cultural, 13 Apr. 2005

Oana Bărbulescu

Hybrids in the City Milieu

Hybrids in the City Milieu - Observator cultural, 13 Apr. 2005

The face of the city, diminished to a symbolic scheme - this is the key of his work! Its essence consists in author's subjectivity: the painter distorts man's features, he gets painful asymmetries and fixes character's regard in an enigmatic immobility caused by anxiety and melancholy.

Andrei Ciubotaru's painting draws onlooker's attention, it strives for interiority, for the sense relapse. It is the cry of the human being willing to escape from the space he is not allowed to do it, the space of the contemporary city. There is something we cannot forget: Andrei Ciubotaru is a representative of his epoch.