Andrei Ciubotaru "Shapes" (painting), Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Dilema veche, 21 Apr. 2005

Alexandru Mircea

Coverage from the Eastern Front

Coverage from the Eastern Front - Dilema veche, 21 Apr. 2005

Andrei Ciubotaru is a character: young, tall, dark haired, with a voluntary mustache "displayed" like a line along his jaw; he is strong, agile and self contained by a welcome strain. He gesticulates moderately, speaks convincingly, challenges your participation prized with associative self assurance. He passes from one person to another in quest for adhesion, then tells a meaningful story which ends in a dilemma. His anxiety is related to proper preparation: he spreads the good news, invites you to participate in a project, he wants to do something and to know that you also do something. He rejoices. In fact, he does something - and one can see it on his face.