Pâlnia /The Funnel/ Group, "Prints" (performance), Gallery of The National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania, 2005

Daily News, 17 Febr. 2005

Dana Milea

Movement Results in Prints

Movement Results in Prints - Daily News, 17 Febr. 2005

It was a 15-minute performance. At the entrance, three performers dressed in white wipe spectators' shoes, and three girls invite them to walk through black ink and leave their footprints on the white paper covering the floor. The shoe wipers are rapidly covered in casts and taken by an ambulance out of the room, while a madman shouts: "They don't understand that nobody cares about what they are doing here." But the footprints on the white floor belie him: movement results in prints.

The Pâlnia /Funnel/ Group, founded in 1994 by Eugen Vasile, Vlad Basarab and Andrei Ciubotaru, have organized several such performances, photo exhibitions and presentations of short films in different private galleries of the country. [...]

Eugen Vasile says: "All of us play a part in the show, all of us leave traces behind, either on stage or at home." Both spectators and performers are actors in the show.

The other message of the Pâlnia Group is that the more people come to a performance, the more is art perceived and understood.