Pâlnia /The Funnel/ Group, "Pâlnia under Construction" (performance), Gallery of the National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania, 2004

Cotidianul, 1 June 2004

Marius Ştefănescu

Art like a Ballerina at a Building Site

Art like a Ballerina at a Building Site - Cotidianul, 1 June 2004

The performance Pâlnia /The Funnel/ under Construction shows the condition of nowaday's artist, who has to work in domains having no connection with his basic profession in order to earn his living, or even to survive. It is a dramatic situation which renders more difficult artist's creative activity, it does restrict the time he can spend working in his studio, it deviates him from his initial goal, from his natural evolution. The balerina "moves" within a building site, that is into a nonconventional framework.

However... The framework, seen on the whole, immobile as a unique picture, discloses the subject - therefore there is no use to look at it any longer.

Possible interpretation: by featuring the role of art, the balerina tries to perform, to make her way through transition.