Pâlnia /The Funnel/ Group (installations), Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, Romania, 2001

Arta, 2001

Corina Teacă

Anachronic Immersion

Anachronic Immersion - Arta, 2001

The contradictory way in which the Pâlnia /The Funnel/ Group "show" themselves at their last exhibition reminds the Dadaist Manifesto. With an extra specification: nothing is denied; on the contrary, any possible image is admitted. The text becomes an opportune justification for the various visual solutions (as language theme), from the installation created by Theo Pelmuş and Andrei Ciubotaru to the image processed on computer by Viorel Grigore, from Vlad Basarab's reliefs to Nicu Ilfoveanu's film-object or Matei Georgescu's and Nicu Ilfoveanu's photos. Thoretically speaking, the exhibits are images of an inner geography lacking its cardinal points, of a route travelled without a chronometer. The attachment to a certain language bears an inherent temporal stamp: for exemple, Eugen Vasile's seesaw or panel (though it is not singular) displays unequivocally the comfortable insertion in one's own time. Likewise, the performance designed by some plotters from the exhibition room.